New Quadrant Foundation

As a Firm we are concerned to improve our impact outside our practice and to engage in the wider social issues that affect the UK and the city in which we are based. This involves encouraging our workforce to donate time and other resources to causes which they can have a positive effect on.

As we work with clients on their philanthropic aims and aspirations as well as administering a number of charitable trusts it was a natural step for us to set up our own charitable entity, New Quadrant Foundation. We will donate a percentage of the Firm's profits into the Foundation each year. Those funds will provide grants to charities chosen by members of the New Quadrant team. We encourage our staff to become engaged in philanthropic activity, and our Foundation provides an opportunity to do so. The Foundation can also be a conduit for staff with the 'give as you earn' scheme.

We feel engaging the team in this way hugely increases the good we can do collectively and individually and opens our eyes to issues which often go unseen in the Private Client and Wealth Advisory industry.

Recent donations have been made to the Vatsalya Foundation, Caring for Courage, The Rainbow Trust, Feed the Minds, 500 for London and WheelPower.